Yearly Membership

Course Description

Yearly Membership

Yearly membership is chargeable for those attending weekly classes conducted for those who have done level 1 onwards and interested in applying their understanding to actual life experiences. The following once week classes are conducted.

Every Monday evening class 6 to 7 pm (“Practise what you know” class)

Live talk in which Case studies from actual life situations are Analysed. Meant For those who have completed level 1 and /or studying CWG.

Every Wednesday evening class 6 to 7 pm (“Me, My Ego and God” class)

Live Talks based on the book “Disappearance of the Universe “which shows the larger perspective of life and living”

Every Thursday evening class 8.30 to 9.30 pm (Conversations with God)

Talks based on the book “Conversations with God” which takes daily life examples and shows how to handle situations that result in win win situations for all.

The annual membership fee is Rs 2160 and is valid for 12 months from date of payment.

To register for annual membership, click the link

Those who have queries on this issue may please speak to Priya at 9987836184.

The following benefits will be available to annual members.

  • Attend any or all weekly classes conducted (current or future).

  • Avail 15% discount on all paid courses / seminars / webinars conducted by Unlearn Living.

  • Avail free one time repeat of any level or course which they have paid.

  • Recommend any friend or non-member to join any weekly class for 4 continuous sessions free of cost.   

  • Anytime access on website to any documents or recordings. 

  • Copies of documents in the library (on request to Priya).

  • Personal Guidance from Mr. Kalavar on any issue after fixing and appointment 

  • Join What’s app group and avail many new programs commencing shortly.

Upcoming Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evening class - Currently in operation.

Time Zone : Asia/Kolkata

Annual fees: ₹ 2160. Register for ₹ 2160/ per person.

The annual fee entails you to attend any weekly reading nook class Ie: CWG, DOU, PWYK or future introductions during the validity of the annual fee.
In addition various facilities to annual members will also accrue (see details in annual membership section)

For those who have paid earlier for this level course a free repeat is available. Send by whats app to Priya at 9987836184 details of your name and earlier payment detail and write "FREE REPEAT" in signup form