This level, also called 'The Boston Curriculum' is where the journey of UNLEARN begins.


Once you complete the Boston Curriculum, you can enroll for this level.


On completion of Level 2, you can progress to this level.

What happens when you join the course?

Mr. Kalavar will conduct all courses on an online platform. The Level 1 course is free for anyone interested in improving their life. All courses are conducted over two sessions of 4 hr each day (for India participants) and also for overseas participants on mutually agreed timings and dates.

The Level 1 course is your entry into the vast and fascinating world within. You will learn the fundamental theory and principles of life and living and how to apply it to daily experiences and happily attain your life goals. After registrations are closed for each course Mr. Kalavar will convene an introductory meeting of new participants on google meet where they will introduce themselves and decide upon a mutually agreeable date and time to start the course.

The weekly tune up class shows how to connect what is taught in the course with issues and challenges you experience daily. It encompasses every aspect of life.if you want to successfully apply the course theory to real life situations, you need to join the weekly 1-hour “tuning up class. This is an interactive online class conducted by Mr. Kalavar where the book "Conversations with God" is used as reference reading. In these sessions participants’ share experiences in their four worlds and these are used as case studies to demonstrate how to apply course principles to them. Many have gained from this and so will you!

This program supports you when you need it the most, even on a one-to-one basis. You can also mail Mr. Kalavar your doubts and questions and he will reply at the earliest.

There are several advanced levels for students interested in delving deeper within.