Usha Mallya

Sandhya Nitin

The simplicity with which Kalavar Sir teaches one to take control of himself and his life.

"1) I am not my body was the chief take away. Detachment came easily then. 
2) The extent of garbage I have accumulated till date and the ease of getting rid of it.
3) The mischief played by my Ego and the ease of controlling it once I am consciously aware 
4) Simple tweaks in day-to-day thinking can help me get rid of my hypertension problems too!"
The ease of getting rid of the garbage accumulated over time (mental & physical kriyas). Understanding the role of the Ego and knowingly minimize it. 
Understanding detachment. The course explained difficult concepts in a very easy way. Overall experience was happiness, exhilaration and a relaxed, peaceful mind.

Madhu Gupta

Hari Aum Sir,

I was looking back my journey towards God!! Although it started in 2006 BUT under you I became very confident and learnt a lot to improve my life and and my thinking process and many many more!!!


Shobha Venugopal

Ever since there was consistent practice in chakra cleaning, physical exercises along with the theory taught in the program and meditation in my schedule, my thought process, attitude towards the life and my approach to dealing things in life has changed dramatically. My heartfelt gratitude towards my guru Kalavarji because of whom I have held on to the practice and leading a joyous, stress free life.

Esha Ahuja

Unlearning is growth. It's uncomfortable as it gets you out of your comfort zone. Trying to discard n breakdown of damaging thoughts and Attitudes. Trying to stop repeating thought patterns n chase the unfamiliar. Grateful to be here. It's perfect.

Sandeep Namdeo Korke

Ancient Spirituality works now also, Intense Knowledge. I am doing kriya every morning during brahma muhurat. It's wonderful and need to be done by everyone. Great things Mr. Kuldeep Kalavar is spreading.

Shrilata Narayan Rao

I have benefitted from "Unlearn Living" a lot. I feel it is life transforming. Changes the perspective of life, about work, relationship, everything. It definitely reduces our ego , makes us think about our reactions to everything. Shri Kuldeep Kalavarji explains to us in a simple way with a sincerity that it touches our heart. I really want to continue with it for as long as possible.

Pramila Rao

I have benefited immensely from this program conducted by Kalavar Sir. Before this study I was unaware that there were two entities within me - God and my ego. I can now immediately identify my ego when it raises its ugly head and then shift to God space. Today, I do not have to seek outside help when I have any problem because my guide, the Holy spirit is within me.

Nandini Mody

This study has made me realise that two spaces are residing within me, Ego Self & God Self. It has helped me tremendously in my endeavour to remove these layers of Ego Self and to reach my true God Self. It has taught me to look at positivity in every crisis and to look at problems of life as opportunities to evolve and emerge stronger than before.

Lekha Sri S

Learning a new skill, about which I have never heard off. Learned a way of living and how to lead a peaceful also a healthy life. Chakra cleansing, balancing life, manthras, and living a healthy life.A life skill to be taught in schools.I really loved the session and learnt so many things.

Urmi Sardesai

It was very hard to find words for all my feelings and hence hope the words do justice to the feelings. 

I was introduced to Sir’s class when I was 13yrs old. I went regularly and was always amazed how Sir was able to explain such deep concepts to us in simple language, providing us with examples that were age appropriate, making it easy to understand. I soon found myself asking sir questions from my life about the problems I was facing and the difficulties in resolving emotional conflicts.

Sir always sat down with me and showed me how to connect what we were studying to what I was experiencing. This soon became a norm in life and connecting study to experience became a habit. Sir was always there, anytime on a phone call and if I felt like seeing him, he always made time and helped me by providing me with a direction.

8 years later came a time when all the study was put to test. My mother passed away in a road accident. I felt like the world suddenly collapsed. At the same time I felt as if the Lord had been preparing me for such a day.  Because of the study, affiliation with Sir and experiencing in between a part of me felt very fortunate - that unlike most people I was blessed with a new way of thinking and understanding and having faith in the macro as sir called it - that everything happens for a reason... There are no coincidences in life and even though this horrible unimaginable loss came my way. I knew it was a part of HIS plan and I had a role to play and I was able to focus my energies towards it.

Hence I can't say that my life was altered by the class but I can say that it prepared me, laid down my foundation to face all challenges in my life and to see opportunities vs problems, faith vs mistrust, hope vs despair and know that the Lord is always there and I owe my whole life to this single blessing -the day Sir entered my life and introduced me to this whole subject.!!!! 

Today I am 37 yrs. old, and even now each and every single concept springs to my mind with Sir's examples when a challenge appears and I feel immense gratitude for all the experiences that came my way.

Thank you Sir for everything... And 'everything' seems to be a very small word for the gratitude I feel for you to help me connect with the Lord and the Lord for blessing my life! 

Loads of love Sir,